I am tired of being told I am so lucky to have gotten through my cancer. Yes, I’ve survived, and I’m immensely relieved about that, but to suggest I’m lucky to have had my breast removed not once, but twice, gone through chemotherapy for 18 months, had multiple surgeries over the last nine years, unemployed due to complications, lost my hair and lost my likelihood, you must be crazy to even think I should feel lucky.

I really wish people would stop thinking that people who survived breast cancer should be lucky or thankful that they are alive. We are grateful that we are still alive today, but our lives have been pulled apart and we are here trying to put it back together alone. You have no idea what life is like after you survive that deadly disease. We didn’t ask for that disease, but yet that disease has destroyed our bodies and we spend years trying to repair the damage. That disease has cost us our jobs, homes, our mates and our piece of mine. It’s hard for me to expect when people say you are lucky you

People ask me all the time am I angry. Yes, I am angry and I have every right to be angry? And some people make the stupid remarks you made it through the hard part so just keep it moving. really really fucking really!!

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