At The Radiologist’s

August 2006, at the Association of Alexandria Radiologists in Woodbridge, Virginia I had the mammogram. After the mammogram the technician asked me to not get dressed until the doctor sees the films, so I waited. The technician returned, and said the doctor would like a Sonogram. Once again, I was asked not to get dressed, only for her to return again and say the radiologist would like to discuss your films with you. I got dressed and she walked me to the radiologist’s office and asked me to have a seat and I did.

The radiologist walked into his office and walked right over to me. He kneeled down beside me and placed his hand, on my knee. “Inside, I knew I had breast cancer I just didn’t know how bad.” He said “Ms. Bland I would strongly recommend a biopsy of your right breast. I feel it to be of sufficient concern to me.” I asked “is it cancer?” He said Ms. Bland, “if you were my wife, mother, sister, I would tell you to see an oncologist right away”.

“It took everything I had not to cry”. I walked out the office feeling emotionless thinking about everything that had taken place within the last couple months. “I started a new job, moved into new homes, my co-worker was a 20-year breast cancer survivor, and one of the doctor’s was once an oncologist (Dr. Johnson)”.

~More to come

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