Ms. Bland

About The Founder

The Bland Foundation was founded by Emma Bland a breast cancer survivor who felt extremely alone when her treatments ended, and the side effects begun to take over her life. While she had the unconditional support of her friends and family, she had no one to turn to after treatment who had experienced losing their livelihood due to Cancer. Time after time she was unable to get the assistance she needed like medication, healthier food, copay for physical therapy, basic living expenses and this is when Ms. Bland decided the only way to help herself was to help others like her.

Prior to founding The Bland Foundation, Ms. Bland spent 30 years in the medical field, 17 of those years as a paramedic. Six months after turning 40, Ms. Bland was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. After undergoing 32 surgical procedures, enduring 18 months of chemotherapy and years of side effects, Ms. Bland vowed to make the experiences of others easier. From that vow, The Bland Foundation was born.

Social Worker

LaShea Harris, LCSW-C

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House Care Advisor

Geraldine Corbett, RN

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